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  • 01:28 5 feb 2019 (dif | hist) . . (+5 191). . N New Year New Project Making Tapestry Of Grace Student Workbooks(Página creada con «Sculptors like Cornelia Parker and Phyllida Barlow, constructionist like Sheila Hicks and Eva Hesse. Artists in my own area, like Lenore Tawney and Kay Sekimachi, both arti...») (última edición)
  • 01:28 5 feb 2019 (dif | hist) . . (+380). . N Usuario:ReginaAnnois(Página creada con «It also completed the buyback of the Stuart Weitzman business in Southern China. The corporate has entered into a deal to amass the Stuart Weitzman enterprise in Australia ...») (última edición)