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We live in a world filled with dualities: There's night and day, love and hate, calm and clamor, tenderness and cruelty, health and disease, etc. Duality exists even within us, for every thought, feeling or actions arise from duality because we could have chose the alternate opposite one. Put simply, we always have the freedom of preference between love or hate, calm behavior or ill-tempered, flexibility or stubbornness, etc. Moreover, people often have a tendency to attribute the cause of their mistakes and ignorance towards the presence of duality within themselves that they say is outside what they can control, claiming them to be created like that, this is their personality plus they just can't do anything about this. So what exactly is duality? Is it a fate? And therefore are we meant to live constantly in a world full of dualism?

If we look into the esoterica where's found the main of all knowledge, it reveals that whenever God created Humans and the universe, the entire purpose of the creation was the evolution of awareness and consciousness, that could not achieved without duality!

As a simple example, you can not be familiar with the traits of the face, no matter how hard you attempt, unless you see your reflection through a mirror.

Moreover, based on Esoteric Sciences, duality is not an negative factor as some could imagine; it is extremely the cause of existence and its cause. For when God reflected Himself into duality, He reflected himself in to the material world, so that the material becomes the Human being which includes God deep within.

The path of consciousness goes through duality, yet duality can easily when the person reaches higher level of consciousness where there is no duality but oneness.

So duality is to help us discern through comparison, for we simply cannot view the nature of light had the darkness not existed, neither love without hate, nor morality without wickedness, etc.

Comparison contributes to discernment, and when the person chooses the sunshine instead of darkness, and virtue rather than wickedness, then he or she's got gained wisdom, as wisdom may be the program of consciousness.

Furthermore, duality is a solid section of the inner architecture of person divided into two equal parts: Higher Self always related to the god... Minimizing self which is personality we have.

Alternatively, many people state that People are weak, but wait, how can they be weak when the possess God within and creative divine powers. The reality is that some individuals choose to be weak and lazy, yet if someone tries once to another to get over his vices and act with goodness, they can become becoming filled with virtues capable to meet God within, for God is oneness and cannot be familiar with in the world packed with duality.