Canary Islands Average Weather In July

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The Red Cross cannot offer anything but relief in his view. "We cannot create jobs," he says, "but it is NGOs such as ours, Cáritas, along with the general public social services which are acting just like a buffer for society." If the situation aggravate and more people in the islands fall target to poverty, he warns, there will be turmoil that is social. "I'm able to observe how in certain sectors," he elaborates, "like large businesses and the bank operating system, someone could see ‘green shoots’, however it is perhaps not the situation for the normal people."

In light associated with deteriorating situation within the islands, the Red Cross has recently launched a three-year system entitled "Now More Than Ever" aimed at intensifying its support for poor people and for kiddies.
A case of food is not the clear answer

David Muñoz is president of the certified Professional College of Social Workers within the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria province. The combined economic crisis and government cuts are having in the country’s welfare state as head of the institution which represents 1,300 of the islands’ 3,000 social workers, Muñoz is concerned about the adverse effects. Based on him, Spain is experiencing a reversal with regards to the country’s hard-won welfare state system whereby legal rights and social justice are increasingly being handed back once again to charities, since had been the actual situation in pre-constitutional Spain, over 35 years back.

In Muñoz’s view, instead of carefully setting budget priorities with regard to austerity and cutting superfluous expenditures, the federal government is committing "austericide" in the people by depriving them of the basic rights. "Cuts in medical, training and services that are social creating more dilemmas, plus the figures prove it."
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But, the title actually comes from the Latin word for dogs – canaria. Probably, the name developed from the resident sea lions regarding the area, that the Romans called ocean dogs.
Originally only the rich owned canary wild birds

The canary that is domestic from the songbird species which originated in the Azores, Madeira, as well as the Canary Islands.

These were taken to European countries by Spanish sailors and now have been bred for his or her gorgeous sounds considering that the century that is 17th. Only the males sing, so they really were in short supply and extremely high priced, meaning initially only the rich could manage them.
The islands are nearer to Africa than Spain

The Canary Islands lie off the northwest coast of Africa, very close to the equator. This place permits their year-round, gloriously hot and climate that is sub-tropical. They sit simply 100 kilometres from Africa but 1,056 kilometres from mainland Spain.

Nevertheless, they take care of the Spanish language and its particular delicious food.
The Canary Islands have the highest point in Spain

The Spanish mainland holds the majestic Pyrenees Mountains, nevertheless the highest peak in Spain is in the Canary Island of Tenerife.

Mount Teide, also referred to as El Teide, is just a inactive volcano standing 3,718 metres high. It is also the point that is highest above sea degree on some of the Atlantic islands, and the third largest volcano on the planet.

Tenerife's volcanic history has generated fine black colored sands on a lot of its beaches, going for an extremely look that is distinctive.
The world’s telescope that is biggest is into the Canary Islands

The Roque de los Muchachos Mountain in the island of La Palma hosts the observatory regarding the name that is same which holds the Gran Telescopio Canarias - GTC telescope.